Saturday Update: “Spectre” “Peanuts” Top Weak Newcomers, “Martian” tops $200M

Spectre held up surprisingly well on Friday, while The Peanuts Movie had a disappointingly high drop. The three newcomers, My All AmericanThe 33 and Love the Coopers were all fairly weak.

Spectre held onto first with $10.2M, down a fairly sharp 63%, but still crossing the $100M mark domestically in 8 days. That’s a better than expected drop, and sets it u for a weekend in the $30M+ range for its second weekend. That’s much better than Quantum of Solace, which plummeted 69% on its second Friday.

The Peanuts Movie fell a harsh 54% on Friday, set for a weekend of just around $25M. It seemed as though it would hold well this weekend but get crushed by The Good Dinosaur next weekend. In all honesty, it would’ve made sense for The Peanuts Movie and The Good Dinosaur to switch positions, as Disney has had big success with the first weekend of November, and Peanuts would be able to cash in on goodwill from its beloved holiday specials that are getting so much attention at that time of the year. Still, it is performing decently but not as well as expected. The higher drop than other films such as Wreck-it Ralph and Big Hero 6 as Peanuts does have a much more adult audience than normal kids films, with many on message boards and movie websites reporting that their screening had more adults than kids. If it follows this similar trend, Peanuts will likely wind up with around $140M total.

Love the Coopers wound up in third with $2.8M. That’s not bad for a Christmas release in mid November, especially with the movies extremely cheap look and awful reviews. Audiences weren’t exactly thrilled with it, giving it a very poor B- Cinemascore. Between that, and the barrage of competition coming out, this will likely disappear from theaters by early December.

The 33 failed to garner any attention with a poor $1.8M on its opening day. The based-on-a-true-story likely would have been more popular had it come out closer to the actual event, but the passing of 5 years wore down interest heavily.

My All American bombed in 9th place with just $520K from 1,565 theaters. It did receive a strong A cinemascore, but it will likely disappear from theaters in a few weeks.

The Martian once again had a very strong drop,with $1.9M, down 26%, which is almost identical to last weekends drop. It will likely wind up with around $7M for the weekend. That $1.9M also made it top the $200M mark domestic, and is currently up to $464M worldwide.


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