Weekend Report: ‘Angry Birds’ Topples ‘Neighbors’, ‘Civil War’ Tops $1B.


A trio of newcomers was released this weekend, but only one came out with strong results. The Angry Birds Movie opened with a strong $39 million, while Warners’ The Nice Guys and Neighbors 2 were both disappointments.

The Angry Birds Movie‘s $39 million start isn’t great, but it’s definitely solid for a $73 million production with mixed reviews, and considering the popularity of the license peaked around five years ago. There’s still a decent amount of time before Finding Dory, and it should easily be able to top $120 million domestically. Add in solid overseas results, and this is a solid win.

Captain America: Civil War topped the $1 billion mark in a very impressive amount of time, and is already $180 million ahead of Batman V Superman worldwide. The film took in $33 million this weekend, down 54% from last weekend. That was definitely lower than expected, as the film was predicted to ease to around $40 million. The film is around $10 million above Iron Man 3, but trails Avengers: Age of Ultron by around $30 million. A domestic total around $415 million seems likely at this point.

In third place, Neighbors 2 failed with a very poor $21 million start. That’s less than half of the original Neighbors, which pulled in around $50 million back in 2014. That film had the benefits of a very widely appealing premise that attracted both teenagers and adults, solid reviews and a lack of competition. However, Neighbors 2 didn’t really do anything to seem different or noteworthy, and a lack of memorable jokes in the trailer definitely hindered it from hitting the same heights as its predecessor. If it holds similarly to Ted 2, it will likely wind up with about a third of what the original Neighbors made, which is undoubtedly a disappointing performance. However, the film only cost $35 million to produce, so it will still likely turn a profit.

In fourth place, The Nice Guys came in with a soft $11 million from its opening weekend. With strong reviews, an interesting premise and adult appeal, there was expectations that The Nice Guys could end up being a breakout hit, but unfortunately, the 70s exploitation style and mystery plotline didn’t click with mainstream audiences. Despite a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a poor B- from audiences. This kind of film would’ve likely done far better with a September or August release date, instead of an already very crowded May.

The Jungle Book remained in the top 5 for its sixth weekend, pulling in an additional $11 million. The film is about a day away from topping Batman V Superman to become the fourth highest grossing film of the year.

Money Monster had a disappointing $7 million second weekend, bringing its domestic total to just $27 million.



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