Weekend Report: ‘Jungle Book’ Remains King of the Box Office


An army of Huntsman turned out to be no match for Disney’ Jungle Book, as the film tripled the gross of The Huntsman: Winter’s War, despite being in its second weekend.

The Jungle Book dipped just 41% down to $60 million in its second weekend, giving it a new domestic total of $191 million in just 10 days. That’s a fantastic hold for any film that opened to over $100 million, and shows the kind of staying power that few films can claim to have. It isn’t just a lack of competition, however; the film is legitimately good. Critical praise and word of mouth, combined with marketing that appeals to the traditional blockbuster audience and not just families, and you have a recipe for a hit.

The Huntsman, however, weren’t as lucky. The latest in the live-action fairy tale adaptations was toward the lower end of the spectrum, with a poor $20 million opening weekend. That’s not a good sign with a film that carried a $115 million price tag, especially considering that its predecessor, Snow White and the Huntsman, did about triple this four years ago. Why the studio decided to go forward with a sequel is a bit baffling, as Snow White is not exactly regarded with any sort of fondness. However, once again, foreign grosses came in to save the day. The film opened in most of its key markets and had a strong $80 million overseas start. That market alone should be enough to get it to over $200 million worldwide, but with Captain America: Civil War just two weeks away, this films chances of getting over $50 million domestic is unlikely.

Barbershop: The Next Cut was down 47% to a solid $10.8 million second weekend. So far, the film has grossed $36 million domestically, which is a good result for a sequel to a film that came out twelve years ago.

In fourth, Zootopia inched ever closer to topping Batman V Superman, as they are now just $3 million apart. Despite being in theaters for nearly a month longer, Zootopia is actually two spots ahead of Dawn of Justice, which flamed out almost immediately after opening weekend. It’s also about $60 million ahead worldwide, and actually has a better chance at crossing a billion than Batman V Superman does.

A handful of new limited releases and expansions failed to really find an audience. A Hologram For the KingElvis & NixonCompadres, and Miles Ahead, and Everybody Wants Some!! all opened in the 350-500 theater range, yet none of them were able to do decent business. Of those five, Compadres was on top despite having the lowest theater count and being in a different language. While it didn’t do nearly as well as other Spanish language films such as Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos or Instructions Not Included, it still isn’t an entirely poor result. Elvis & Nixon faired the worst of the bunch, despite being one of the higher profile releases. The film opened in 381 theaters with just $456K, which is a terrible result.

Among other holdovers, 10 Cloverfield Lane passed $70 million, and is now less than $10 million away from what the original Cloverfield did back in 2008. Considering it was basically a sequel in name only and a spinoff to an event film released eight years ago, that’s a very impressive result. It’s also worth noting that it was much less front loaded than Cloverfield was. While that film made over half of its gross in its opening, 10 Cloverfield Lane only made up a little over a third. 

Green Room expanded into 30 theaters and grossed a solid $215k. The film is set to be released nationwide next week, thanks to distributor A24.




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