Saturday Update: ‘The Huntsman’ Loses War Against ‘Jungle Book’


With poor marketing and strong competition from The Jungle BookThe Huntsman: Winter’s War failed to attract an audience with a very poor $7M on Friday.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War is the prequel-spin off-sequel to 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman, which opened to nearly $60 million four years ago. However, that film wasn’t exactly well received – certainly not enough to justify a $100M+ spin off several years later. As a result, this film is likely set for under $20 million in its opening weekend, a poor result given the $115 million budget.

The Jungle Book remained in first place with $16.3 million on its second Friday. That’s down just 49% from last Friday, which is a fantastic result for a film that opened to over $100 million last weekend. It has a very solid shot at hitting $60 million, which would get it up to $180 million in just two weeks. Considering that that’s around what the film was originally expected to do total, this is especially impressive. A total of over $300 million seems much more likely now.

In third place, Barbershop: The Next Cut was down 56% from last Friday. That’s a pretty solid result, likely fueled by strong reviews and word of mouth. The film should be able to top $50M by the end of its run.

Several new releases were in the semi-nationwide release, none of which had very good success.

Elvis and Nixon was debatably the highest profile of these releases, but failed to garner any actual interest among moviegoers. The idea of seeing the story behind the infamous photo is an appealing one, but the low production value and lack of marketing made it seem like something that would make more sense to be released on CNN or HBO rather than in theaters. From 381 locations, the film grossed just $149K, giving it a terrible per theater average of $392. That isn’t terribly surprising, but it also isn’t a good sign for the newly founded Amazon Studios.

A Hologram For the King was released into 401 theaters but bombed with just $377K. The Tom Hanks drama didn’t do much to seem interesting or appealing. Combined with mediocre reviews and a lack of marketing, and this one was doomed from the start.

Compadres opened in 368 theaters and started with a mediocre $436K. For a Spanish language film without much marketing, however, that isn’t a bad result by any means.

As far as holdovers go, Batman V Superman finally had a drop under 50%, as it dipped 40% from last Friday. As of now, it’s up to $315.4 million, and whether or not it can double its opening weekend remains to be seen.

Zootopia took in $1.7 million, and is now just $4 million behind the domestic gross of Batman V Superman. There’s a legitimate chance that both DeadpoolZootopia and The Jungle Book all end up outgrossing Batman V Superman which has to sting pretty bad considering how the film seemed all but guaranteed to hit a billion just a few months ago.



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