Weekend Report: ‘Jungle Book’ Shatters Expectations


Crushing any and all reasonable expectations, The Jungle Book topped the box office with a fantastic $103.5M opening weekend. Meanwhile, The Boss and Batman V Superman both saw noticeable drops, while Green Room got off to an excellent start in limited release.

The Jungle Book smashed pass its $70-$80M expectations with an excellent $103.5M. From that total, $32M was on Friday, followed by an excellent 27% jump on Saturday due to the films strong early word of mouth and widespread family appeal. With a very strong A Cinemascore, The Jungle Book should easily blow past $250M and has a very strong shot at $300M, though its long term prospects could be cut short by the arrival of Captain America: Civil War in just 3 weeks. However, there’s more than enough audience for the both of them, and considering it should retain the majority of its PLF and IMAX screens until then, $300M is definitely possible.

In second place, Barbershop: The Next Cut started off with a solid $20M. The film received surprisingly strong reviews, with a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. This result is fairly strong considering the last installment in the series was released 12 years ago. The film also cost just $20M to produce, and should wind up with around $50M total.

In third, The Boss plummeted 57% to $10.1M. That’s an awful drop for a comedy, and shows that not only was the films opening fueled by McCarthy’s fanbase, but also that the mixed word of mouth had a very hard impact on its long term potential. At this point, $60M seems unlikely.

In fourth, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to save face in its third weekend, down an additional 61%. So far, the film has failed to even double its opening weekend, which is seeming less and less likely as the film progresses. It’s actually holding worse than last years heavily maligned Fantastic Four, which made up a whopping 46% of its total in its opening weekend. At this point, there’s a very strong chance that not only Deadpool, but also Zootopia end up topping its total domestic gross, which is something that would’ve seemed impossible a few months ago.

In sixth, Criminal bombed with just $5.85M against a $31.5M budget. That’s a very poor result given the films all-star cast and lack of competition for adult audiences, but ultimately the poor reviews and vague lead to a lack of audience interest. Word of mouth isn’t too good either, with a poor B- Cinemascore.

As far as last weekends releases, Hardcore Henry flamed out 71% to a terrible $1.4M, giving it a per theater average of just $492. With the arrival of The Huntsman: Winter’s War next week, it’s all but guaranteed to disappear from theaters with under $10M total. Among the recent wide release festival acquisitions, this is easily one of the worst in terms of box office performance.

In limited release, Green Room got off to an excellent start with $91K from just 3 theaters. Given its hardcore, grim violence and extremely dark tone, it probably won’t be something that blows away a mainstream audience, but it will expand into a few more cities next week, followed by a nationwide release on the 29th. If it can utilize its niche appeal and strong reviews, it may be able to open with over $5M depening on how many theaters it is released into.

In 5 theaters, Sing Street got off to a decent start with $68K, giving it a per theater average of around $13K. That’s a solid start, but the film probably won’t end up in more than 100 theaters or so before ending its run.




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