Weekend Report: ‘The Boss’ Takes First In Photo Finish


Proving once again that critics have very little effect on the box office, Melissa McCarthy had yet another “face on the poster” comedy hit, as The Boss topped Batman V Superman for first place. However, the films had a virtually identical total, as The Boss is reported to be in first by just $45K. If that holds, that’s one of the closest results ever, though there is a chance that Batman V Superman pulls ahead once the final results are announced.

The Boss was in first with a strong $23.4M from 3,480 theaters. While that is lower than some of McCarthy’s other debuts, its still a very solid result for an April release and the 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not to mention, the marketing didn’t have a very clear hook or intriguing premise, so it basically relied on McCarthy’s inclusion alone. However, word of mouth may prove to be a problem, as the film received a terrible 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a C+ Cinemascore from audiences. In comparison, The Heat scored an A-, Bridesmaids and Spy both scored a B+, while Identity Thief scored a B. Only Tammy got the same score, which is never a good sign. However, it has a primarily adult audience who tend to come out more after opening weekend, so look for The Boss to close with over $60M.

In second place, Batman V Superman was down 54% to $23.4M. That brings its domestic total to $296.6M. At this point, it is a very real possibility that Deadpool ends up with a higher domestic total (currently up to $358M), something that would have been impossible to predict a few months ago.

In third, Zootopia had another solid weekend, down 26% to $14M. That brings its domestic total to $296M, just $500K under the total of Batman V Superman. It should top $300M sometime this week.

The most hyped new release of the weekend, Hardcore Henry, failed to garner any attention outside its niche indie crowd. The film opened in 3,018 theaters with $5M. That was below its $8-$10M predictions going into the weekend, but honestly isn’t all that surprising. The idea of a first person action movie shot with GoPro’s isn’t something that’s really going to appeal to a general audience, and it was a strange move on the part of STX Entertainment to give this such a massive release. It likely would’ve been fine being released in 1,500-2,000 theaters which likely would’ve saved them quite a bit of money. The C+ Cinemascore isn’t a great sign, and this film will likely wind up grossing under $15M by the end of its run.

All the way down in 15th place was Demolition, which opened in 854 theaters with $1.1M, for a terrible per theater average of $1.3K. Ultimately, without any real hook in the marketing or any awards season buzz, there simply wasn’t much of an audience. Not to mention, a mediocre 50% on Rotten Tomatoes likely turned away much of the arthouse crowd.

Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!! expanded into 63 theaters and took in a solid $510K. The film was originally set to go into wide release in its opening weekend until just a few weeks before, but building up some buzz and specialty market money could likely help build interest towards an eventual nationwide expansion.

Midnight Special expanded into 493 theaters and took in $1.1M. While that isn’t a spectacular result, the film didn’t have any real marketing, so that result isn’t very surprising.


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