Saturday Update: ‘The Boss’ Takes First, ‘Henry’ Disappoints


The Boss got off to a very solid first place start on Friday, while Hardcore Henry proved that its niche appeal and gimmicky first person perspective failed to click with a wide audience. Meanwhile, Demolition bombed in limited release.

The Boss is the fifth win in a row for star Melissa McCarthy, who seems to have cemented her brand of crass, over the top humor and can seemingly sell a movie just on her inclusion alone. This is a pretty impressive track record, as it seems like most major stars have more than a few bombs in recent years, yet McCarthy has proven that just her inclusion in a straight forward comedy leads to a $20M+ debut. The film started off with a solid $8.1M from 3,480 theaters. That’s a very solid result given the films awful critical response and generic title. For the weekend, The Boss should wind up with around $21M. However, word of mouth may be an issue, as audiences gave the film a poor C+ score. That’s the same score as Tammy, which this film was very clearly attempting to distance itself from. Even though they have the same director, there was no mention of it in the marketing, whereas both The Heat and Spy both included that they were from Paul Feig. Ultimately, look for this to close with over $55M.

Hardcore Henry may have had more online hype, but ultimately general audiences weren’t interested. The film opened in a shockingly wide 3,015 theaters, but only managed to generate $2.1M. Audiences weren’t exactly thrilled with what they got, giving the film a poor C+ Cinemascore. What’s interesting is that the films under 18 audience gave the film an A-, while the 6% of the audience who were 50+ gave it an F. That isn’t terribly surprising as its essentially trying to be 90 minutes of ultra-violent video game style action without any real characters or plot. Still, this isn’t some big budget original Hollywood film, it’s a very low budget festival acquisition, so this isn’t a massive flop or anything.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to balance out after a massive drop last Friday. The film dropped an additional 59%, down to $6M. That brings its new domestic total to $279.2M. For comparison, Iron Man 3 was down 51% on its third friday, while Man of Steel was down 52%. Just this past week, Warner Brothers shuffled their release schedule around in order to accommodate the disapponting results of the film, which just a few months ago seemed all but guaranteed to top $1B. However, it seems like it will likely wind up $100-$200M lower then that. While it isn’t a flop, the massive amounts of money that WB poured into this should’ve resulted in a better performance. The fact that the third Iron Man film made more then the first ever live action portrayal of Batman and Superman in the same film is pretty ridiculous.

Demolition pulled in a very weak $360K from 854 theaters. Fox decided to increase the films release from around 550 to 850 just a few days before the film hit theaters, which is never a good idea. Ultimately, the negative response from critics and a lack of any sort of awards season buzz killed this film before it even had a chance.



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