Weekend Report: ‘Batman V Superman’ Flames Out


Even without any real competition, mixed worth of mouth and poor reviews caused Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to suffer one of the worst drops for a major superhero film to date.

Dawn of Justice plummeted a whopping 68% to $52M in its second weekend. That’s actually lower than the second weekend Deadpool at $56M, despite that film opening a full $31M lower. That just goes to show how word of mouth can lead to a films demise, and often times mixed word of mouth can be more damaging than flat out bad word of mouth. That brings its domestic total up to $261M, around $10M higher than Furious 7 at the same point. At this rate, $400M is off the table, and it will be lucky to get past the $350M mark. It will lose a significant amount of its large format screens to Hardcore Henry next weekend, which could do a number on its long term potential. As far as its worldwide potential, $1B is looking less and less likely, but is not impossible.

In second place, Zootopia took in an additional $20M, down just 17% from last weekend. With $275M in the bank so far, it’s now almost a certainty that it hits $300M. That’s higher than Big Hero 6Wreck-it Ralph, and Tangled. While there’s no way it hits $400M like Frozen did, its still an excellent result.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was down just 38% from last weekend to a solid $11M. With $36M in the bank so far, a domestic total of $55M+ seems likely.

In fourth place, God’s Not Dead 2 opened with a disappointing $8.1M from 2,419 theaters. The original God’s Not Dead opened with more then that in under 800 theaters, and went on to gross over $60M. Considering how much bigger the release was, it seemed like it would at least be able to do a bit better. All things considered, this is a bit disappointing. However, Christian oriented films tend to hold very well, so it should still be able to hit $30M domestic in the long run.

Despite direct competition from God’s Not Dead 2Miracles from Heaven dipped just 22% to $7.5M in its 3rd weekend of release. So far, the Christian drama has earned $46M, which while way off from the $65M that Heaven is for Real had done at the same point, is still a very respectable total.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant was down 40% to just $5.7M, for a very weak domestic total of $56M in three weeks. Both of the other Divergent films were over $100M at this point, making this a very disappointing result.

10 Cloverfield Lane continued to do very well, down just 20% from last weekend. That brings its new total up to $63M, and seems as though it could top $70M by the end of its run. Considering that the original Cloverfield only did $80M 8 years ago, this is an excellent result that will likely wind up with Paramount greenlighting more Cloverfield anthology films. Some have predicted that the upcoming God Particle is actually the next film in the series, but only time will tell.

In 8th place, Meet the Blacks started off with a decent $4M. That’s actually a bit better then expected considering the lack of marketing and total of 3 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

After two weeks in limited release, Eye in the Sky also opened in around 1,000 theaters and took in a solid $4M. So far, it has grossed $6.1M, and will likely do over $15M by the end of its run.

In the specialty market, Everybody Wants Some!! opened with a solid $323K from 19 theaters, giving it a per theater average of $17K. Given that it isn’t quite as artful as most films with this release schedule, that’s a fine start.

Midnight Special expanded into 58 theaters and continued to do well. The film took in $581K, giving it an average of just over $10K. It will likely get a wide release within the next month.


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