Saturday Update: ‘Batman V Superman’ Crashes and Burns


Turns out that bad reviews and word of mouth can, in fact, hurt a films performance.

After a mighty opening weekend, Batman V Superman plummeted down to earth with a horrendously bad 81% drop from last Friday. Even among the most front loaded comic adaptations to date, that’s pretty much unheard of. Watchmen fell 78% while X-Men Origins: Wolverine fell around 76%. Both of those films ended up making nearly half of their total from their opening weekend, and a similar fate seems likely for Dawn of Justice. At this rate, $400M is completely off the table, while $350M seems to be growing more and more unlikely by the day.

The two new  openers didn’t perform so well, either. God’s Not Dead 2 was just around $100K above its predecessor despite opening in over 1,600 more theaters. That means it’ll likely be around $8M for the weekend, a bit below the originals $9M. That’s not a good sign considering the original held very well, making over six times its opening weekend. However, with a budget of just $5M and plenty of potential in the home video market, this should end up tuning a small profit.

Meet the Blacks took in a weak $1.4M from just over 1,000 theaters. That’s a pretty poor start, averaging just $1.4K per theater. That’s significantly lower than the $2.2M from February’s Fifty Shades of Black, though that did open in around double the theaters. Still, this is a bad performance, but not surprising given how cheap the film looked and was more or less unceremoniously dumped into theaters with no real marketing.

Among holdovers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 fell 53%. That’s not terrible, as it will likely see a huge jump on Saturday. Zootopia had its hardest drop yet, dipping around 42%. That is a bi surprising as it seems it would balance out after Batman V Superman, not to mention the fact that there’s no real competition out right now. Still, it’s up to an excellent $261M and still has a shot at $300M.

Miracles from Heaven fared well despite direct competition, and almost outgrossed God’s Not Dead 2, despite being in its third week of release. The film took in an additional $2.1M on Friday, giving it a new domestic total of $41M. That makes it the highest grossing Christian film of Spring 2016, as there has been somewhat of an onslaught in recent months.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant fell 51% down to $1.8M. After 15 days in theaters, it just topped the opening weekend of Insurgent, which was up to $97M at the same point in its run. Liosngate has already confirmed major budget cuts for Ascendant, which will also likely move from its June opening weekend to a January or February one. Look for this franchise to go out with more of a whimper then a bang.

10 Cloverfield Lane had the best hold of the wide releases, dipping just 32% for a solid $1.4M on its 22nd day of release. It just topped the $60M mark domestically, and will likely top $65M by the end of its run. The film was also much less front loaded then it was originally predicted to be. While early predictions said it would make almost half of its gross from its opening (a la the original Cloverfield) it has only made around 41% of its total from that opening, which was likely due to strong word of mouth and good reviews.

After expanding into wide release, Eye in the Sky took in $1.27M from 1,029 theaters. Considering the film had very little marketing, that’s a fine enough result. It will likely see a huge jump on Saturday thanks to the older audience, and could potentially wind up with over $10M by the end of its run.

After opening in five theaters on Wednesday and expanding to 19 on Friday, Everybody Wants Some!! pulled in a solid $96K, giving it an average of $5K per theater.



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