Saturday Update: ‘Deadpool’ Slashes Competition


Without much strong competition, Deadpool was easily able to destroy all three newcomers with a fantastic $16M on its second Friday. Meanwhile, Risen and The Witch both got off to solid stars, while Race was lower than already low expectations.

As expected, Deadpool took first with a solid $16.2M. That’s down around 66%, which is a bit better than some comparable titles. X-Men: Days of Future Past fell 74%, while Watchmen was down 78%. This means it will likely have a weekend somewhere around 56% for the weekend, giving it a weekend of around $58M, and a new domestic total of $238M. Believe it or not, it actually has a chance of topping the domestic gross of Days of Future Past and the adjusted gross of the original X-Men. It’s also a good sign that it won’t flame out nearly as bad as expected, and $300M is more or less a lock at this point.

In second place, Risen started with a solid $4M. That’s in line with War Room which opened late August in 2015. Considering its likely to be a bit less front loaded, it should be in the $11.5-$13M range for the weekend. In addition to this, it should hold very well throughout the next few weeks and be able to total over $40M. That’s a solid result with a $20M budget, as much of its profit will come from On Demand and numerous DVD sales. The film received a strong A- Cinemascore, meaning word of mouth should be strong.

In third place, A24’s festival acquisition The Witch got off to a very solid $3.2M on Friday. After getting much acclaim at Sundance and other festivals, A24 acquired the film for just $1M, and had originally planned to do an On Demand release with a very small theatrical run (akin to other films like The Babadook or V/H/S). However, they realized that there was an audience for low budget critically acclaimed indie horror. Considering how cheap it was, this was a very smart move for the studio, who has been releasing numerous hits since its start just a few years ago. They also decided to go for a fairly large release in over 2,000 theaters, a fairly bold move considering the film is not exactly something that will likely click with mainstream audiences (which ended up getting a pretty awful C- Cinemascore) as most of the horror relies more on unsettling atmosphere and character drama than jumpscares and fast paced thrills. However, it is still likely to wind up with over $20M, making this a win for the studio. It’s estimated that they only spent around $10M total on the film, between rights and marketing, meaning its probably one of the cheapest wide releases of the year.

All the way down in 6th, Race got off to a fairly slow start with $2.3M. This isn’t a flop by any means, it cost just $5M to produce and should hold well in the coming weeks (thanks to an A Cinemasc0re) it’s just that this is a fairly low start, likely somewhere in the $6M range for the weekend. If it has strong holds, it should be able to wind up over $20M.

Several weeks after its home video release, Spectre was given a small re-release, and as a special deal theaters were offering Buy-One-Get-One ticket purchases. That’s all fine and good, but the film has already been out on Blu-ray for nearly three weeks. Not to mention, it wasn’t nearly as well received as Skyfall, and as a result made just $39K from 340 theaters. Regardless of how you look at it, that’s a terrible result. This was a fairly bizarre idea by the studio, and one that they likely won’t try to repeat any time soon.

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