Saturday Update: ‘Revenant’ Repeats, ‘Grandpa’ Tops Newcomers


With a major storm keeping most of the east cost indoors this weekend, all three new reassesses (as well as last week’s Ride Along 2) failed to find major success. Despite this, all three newcomers will likely see above average performance over the week and in the following weekends due to how many people aren’t able to see them this weekend.

The Revenant repeated in first yet again with a solid $4.5M. That’s a bit steeper than expected, but not a bad result given the major storms. It should be able to take in around $15M this weekend for a domestic total of around $120M.

In second, Dirty Grandpa topped the trio of newcomers with a decent $4.2M. The film scored a so-so B Cinemascore, which isn’t surprising given that the films very crude nature and older audience likely didn’t blend well. It could’ve also had to do with the films whopping 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning no one was really crazy about the finished product. Still, $4M is a decent enough start, and should be able to top $10M for the weekend.

The Boy took third with $3.9M. Among other January PG-13 horror, The Forest took in $4.9M, and off from The Boy Next Door‘s $5.7M. If it were to follow a similar trend, it would get a small boost on Saturday, then fall heavily on Sunday. However, given the unusual circumstances, it will likely fall on Saturday and end up quite front loaded for the weekend. It scored a B- Cinemascore, which is slightly above average for the horror genre. Considering the films $10M budget and unoriginal premise, this is a fine result.

All the way down in 6th place, The 5th Wave flopped with $3.5M. Considering the film was likely going to be quite front loaded anyway, it will be lucky to make it past $8.5M or so. That’s even less than The Host (the most similar YA adaptation to compare it to) which burned through an extremely front loaded $10.6M opening ($5.3M of which came from Friday alone) and that was only able to make it to $26M. This film had almost the exact same premise, but with a slightly lower budget of $38M. Still, it’s going to have a tough time getting past $20M domestic which is a pretty terrible result.

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