Saturday Update: “Spectre” “Peanuts” So-So on Friday

Neither of the new releases did particularly bad, but they both came in a good bit under expectations.

Spectre took in $28M on its opening day, off around $2M from Skyfall. Considering it will likely be considerably more front loaded, it is likely looking at a weekend in the low $70M range. If it can hit $75M, that would still be off nearly 20% from the adjusted opening of Skyfall (including late night previews) which is a pretty alarming drop. Even though the film is likely going to kill it overseas, it really seems like this should’ve been doing $80M this weekend. Whether it was a lack of strong reviews or a very stand out marketing campaign, it looks like there just wasn’t as much interest in yet another Bond adventure.

The Peanuts Movie was probably the more debate-worthy release of the weekend, and its opening was a bit of a head scratcher. The film opened with $12M on Friday, which puts it on course for a low $40M’s debut this weekend. The reason that that’s such a strangely low debut is because of a few factors; Big Hero 6 was able to pull in $15.8M without any prior fanbase, and Wreck-It Ralph was able to do $13.5M en route to $49M. I got my $60M prediction from following that similar trend with a bump from the Peanuts fanbase, but ultimately it seems that was not the case. It may end up surprising with an unusually high jump on Saturday (such as The Lego Movie, which had a whopping 80% increase). If it plays similarly to Lego, it would wind up with just under $50M, but if it plays like Big Hero 6 and Wreck-it Ralph, it will wind up with around $44M.

Despite getting its first major competion, The Martian was pretty much unscathed. It had its second smallest drop yet, down just 26% to $2.5M.

The two new limited release films, Brooklyn and Spotlight both posted very solid results. Spotlight was the higher grossing of the two with a whopping $90K from just 5 theaters, with a per theater average of $18K. Brooklyn was also quite impressive, with $51K for a $10,312 per theater average.

Steve Jobs had one of the biggest theater drops on record. It lost a whopping 2,072 theaters, and its gross showed. It plummeted down 74%, even worse than last weeks already embarrassing 66% drop. With just $16M and almost nothing left to gross, its safe to write this off as a flop, thanks to a $30M budget and hefty advertising campaign that simply ended up going nowhere.

Hotel Transylvania 2 took a large but expected hit, as it plummeted 55% down from last Friday. That’s unsurprising given the obvious competition from Peanuts, and the fact that Halloween has now passed, so most of its audience yesterday was likely families that got sold out of Peanuts.


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