Weekend Report: “Martian” Tops Halloween Box Office Graveyard

On what is likely to be one of the lowest weekends of the year, The Martian easily held onto first with a light 26% dip, while Our Brand is CrisisBurnt and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse bombed outside of the top 5.

The Martian was down just 26% to a strong $11.7M in its fifth weekend of release, bringing its new domestic total to $183M, and a worldwide total of $428M. Even if it gets absolutely crushed by Spectre next weekend, it has still done enough to be extremely impressive by all accounts. Originally, the film was set to open over Thanksgiving, but its safe to say that this debut was a fantastic choice. There wasn’t really much strong competition over the month, so being able to stay on top 4 out of 5 of these weekends is a testament not only to how good of a decision that was, but the staying power displayed by the movies great reviews and word of mouth.

Goosebumps took second place yet again with $9.8M, down 36%. What’s interesting is that the film actually rose 5% on Sunday, which is very unusual and is even more strange considering the films obvious Halloween appeal. As far as the newcomers, the Saturday didn’t really seem to have any major effect, as they all essentially played out normally. Goosebumps is now up to $56M domestic and $75M worldwide. It’s going to take a big hit from The Peanuts Movie next weekend, but it can still probably get to $70M by the end of its run.

Bridge of Spies had another fantastic hold, down just 26.2% in its third weekend. That’s almost exactly in line with 26.0% drop from last weekend. This is an incredibly strong result, and the Cold War thriller is holding more than pretty much any film in recent memory. It has already tripled its opening weekend in 3 weeks, which is pretty much unprecedented by todays standards. It will likely be able to add another $20M or more by the end of its run.

Hotel Transylvania 2 was down 34% to $5.9M, a pretty solid hold all things considered. Even though it is going to plummet next weekend thanks to The Peanuts Movie, it has still already outgrossed its predecessor by nearly $10M.

Last weekends top new release The Last Witch Hunter was decent in its second weekend, down 53% in its second weekend. Considering its genre and the massive amounts of competition, that isn’t a terrible result. Despite this, the film still cost $70M and is at just $19M so far.

Burnt was the highest grossing new release of the weekend, which isn’t saying much. The cooking drama made just $5M in its opening weekend, which is pretty bad considering the star power of Bradley Cooper and the decent marketing. The horrible reviews probably didn’t help, but the 15 other films in wide release right now probably sealed its fate.

Steve Jobs plummeted 62% in its second weekend to just $2.6M. That’s an atrocious hold for an adult oriented drama, which typically drop less than 40% in their second weekend. Word of mouth wasn’t even particuarly bad, and there’s really no explanation for this awful performance. Even with its 2 weeks in limited release, it is currently making less than 2013 flop Jobs, which closed with just $16M, and it doesn’t look like Steve Jobs is going to make much more than that.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension was down 57% in its second weekend. That’s actually not a bad hold considering the holds of past Paranormal films. 3, 4 and 5 all dropped more than 65% (Paranormal Activity 4 was down more than 70%) so this isn’t actually a bad result. Why that is is a bit of a mystery, but it could have to do with a lack of any other horror options in theaters, but even with a decent hold it has still made just $13.5M after 10 days, less than The Marked Ones made in its opening weekend.

Our Brand is Crisis was in a bit of a crisis, with the worst opening on record for Sandra Bullock with just $3.2M. The political drama was obviously set to be released around this time because of the current political enviroment, but again, there were just too many films out right now for anyone to care.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse opened in 12th place with just $1.8M from 1,509 theaters. That’s an awful debut and was even lower than even the most pessimistic of expectations. The fact that the $15M horror comedy even got a wide release is a head scratcher, but Paramount’s controversial release strategy certainly sealed its already grim fate.

One small release that somewhat went under the radar was Truth, which expanded into over 1,100 theaters yet made just $875K for a per theater average of $781. Not to sound like a broken record, but the mass amounts of competition and lack of compelling marketing caused this to be a big flop. This will probably disappear from theaters without much attention.

Jem and the Holograms and Rock the Kasbah not only had some of the worst openings ever, they also ranked among the worst second weekend drops for wide releases of all time. Jem plumetted 72% to just $380K, and Kasbah was down 76% to just $350K. With Spectre and Peanuts taking up a lot of screens next weekend, these two will likely lose well over 1,500 theaters next weekend.


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