Saturday Update: “Goosebumps”, “The Martian” in Close Race for First, Five Newcomers Bomb

Turns out releasing five movies on an already crowded weekend might not be a great idea.

Goosebumps was off 46% from last Friday, for a $3.95M gross. That’s a bit surprisingly high, and winding up in first was something no one was guessing for this weekend. It seems as though the new releases just weren’t interesting for most people, and the 3D family comedy was able to take the second place spot on Friday, and will be in a very close race with The Martian for first over the weekend.

Speaking of which, The Martian eased off 31% to $4.35M. The film is holding much better than pretty much anything else playing right now, and should be past the $160M mark by Sunday.

Among the newcomers, however, it was a bit of a bloodbath. The Last Witch Hunter faired the best, but that’s not saying much. The action horror film took in a weak $3.8M opening day. That’s higher than I, Frankenstein ($2.86M) and Seventh Son ($2.2M) but that isn’t saying much. It may just barely squeak past the $10M mark for the weekend, which is a terrible start for a $90M film. It received a weak B- Cinemascore.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension may have been the worst comparitvely speaking, with an atrocious $3.3M opening day. That isn’t terribly surprising given its limited release and complete lack of interest, but with its current rate is set for around $6.5M for the weekend. That’s about a third of The Marked Ones and a fraction of any of the main installments. Whether or not the marketing was lying, this will undoubtedly end up being the final installment in the tired franchise. The Cinemascore was a C, but considering that this film is probably going to make around 58% of its total gross this weekend, that’s not really a problem.

Steve Jobs was probably the only surprising bomb of the weekend, with just $2.43M on Friday. That’s actually lower than the $2.6M start of the much maligned Jobs back in 2013. This is an extremely surprising and disappointing result, as the excellent marketing and interest in limited release gave reason to believe it would at least wind up in the high teens, but it’ll be lucky at this point to do half of that. This is a very poor start, with just one saving grace; it received a solid A- Cinemascore, which could help it in the long run. Still, the damage is already done.

Rock the Kasbah and Jem and the Holograms were a whole different story. While they were never expected to do any good business, they are both set to rank among the worst nationwide debuts ever. Kasbah took in just $530K on its opening day from 2,012 theaters. That means each theater sold around 21 tickets. That’s easily one of the worst starts ever for a film playing in over 2,000 theaters, ranking up with We Are Your Friends from just a few months ago. Jem was even more of a trainwreck with just $458K on Friday. Even though Jem will likely get a big jump on Saturday, that’s not enough to save it from being one of the worst starts on record. Jem received a decent B+ on Cinemascore, and Kasbah got a weak B-.

Updated Predictions

  1. Goosebumps – $15M
  2. The Martian – $14.5M

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