Friday Update: “Crimson Peak” Tops Thursday with $855K


Gothic horror Crimson Peak topped the new releases on Thursday, but that’s not really saying much. It opened to a solid $855K from its early shows. That’s lower than The Visit at around $1M but higher than Sinister 2 which was around $850K. Given that it probably won’t be as front loaded as either of those films, it could still wind up with around $15M.

Goosebumps took in $600,000 from its early shows. For family films, Thursday grosses are almost always a miniscule percentage of their gross, even though this is lower than the $650,000 made by Pan one week ago. While it likely won’t be able to top the $30M weekend that many are predicting, it will likely pick up big time with strong Friday and Saturday matinees.

Finally, Bridge of Spies took in a solid $500K. That’s a bit lower than Captain Phillips from two years ago at $600K, but it is still a solid start none the less. It might start with around $20M this weekend.


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