Friday Update: “Pan” Soft on Thursday Night

Pan opened early on Thursday night, and started off with a so-so $650K. In comparison, Ender’s Game opened to $1.4M from its Thursday. Given this number, it’s likely set for less than $20M this weekend. When compared to other PG rated live-action fairy tales, Cinderella made $2.3M en route to $68M. If it followed that route, it would wind up with just over $20M. More likely, it will open with around $17M for the weekend, which is a pretty awful result.

Pan was supposed to open back in July, but was pushed back to October after Warner Brothers got cold feet, which wasn’t unreasonable given that its July 24th release date would put it head to head with Pixels, and a week after Ant-Man. Not to mention, they also dropped its IMAX 3D release in exchange for just regular 2D and 3D. That’s similar to what Fantastic Four did with its 3D conversion, which is never a comparison you want your film to be associated with.

Updated Predictions

  1. Pan – $16.5M

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