Weekend Report: “Hotel Transylvania 2” Scares Up New September Record

Family audiences showed up en masse for Hotel Transylvania 2 this weekend, as the mid-budget comedy sequel surpassed its predecessor with an excellent $47.5M. That’s noticeably higher than its predecessors $42.5M, which is especially impressive considering the long 3 year wait in between them. Typically, a wait like that for an animated film can lead to much poorer results, but for whatever reason Hotel Transylvania 2 was able to buck that trend and have an excellent start. If it plays out similarly to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, it will wind up with around $167M. If it plays out similarly to the first Hotel Transylvania, it will wind up with around $165M. Realistically, it will likely wind up with around $150M total. Regardless, it’s bound to do well throughout the next month, as it doesn’t have any major competition until The Peanuts Movie on November 6th. Audiences gave it an A- on Cinemascore, which is fine for an animated film.

The Intern took in a very solid $18M this weekend, which was good enough for second place. That’s a very solid start given its not easily marketable premise and light advertising. Audiences gave it a solid A- Cinemascore and will likely hold very well throughout the next few weeks.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials was down 54% this weekend to $14M. In comparison, The Maze Runner dropped 46% to $17M in its second weekend. While it may balance out a bit this weekend, any chances of $100M domestic are pretty much gone. It will likely wind up with around $85M, which is slightly disappointing. Overseas grosses have been picking up the slack, however, where it’s already up to $170M worldwide in two weeks. These films are almost exclusively going for the foreign audience at this point, which doesn’t seem like a bad strategy with these kinds of numbers.

Everest descended heavily after its spectacular IMAX release and brought in a weak $13M this weekend. One bright spot of this is that the film received a huge jump on Saturday, up 48% from its first day in wide release. This shows that the film may hold well, but it is a bit of a head scratcher that it did so well in IMAX and so poorly nationwide. It didn’t particuarly seem like something that needed to be seen on a giant Large Format screen, but it seems as though interest was not nearly as high as it seemed last week. Similarly to Scorch Trials, overseas grosses were this films savior, where it opened to an excellent $74M. Given its modest $55M budget, it should have no problem being profitable with over $150M worldwide.

Black Mass dropped a sharp 49% in its second weekend, grossing $11M. That brings its new domestic total to $42M thanks to strong performance during Monday through Thursday. The film will likely wind up in the $65M range total, while overseas the film has yet to release in any major markets.

The Green Inferno opened to a mediocre $3.5M from 1,540 theaters. The cannibal-gross out shlock fest was a hard sell from the beginning, and was essentially riding on Eli Roth’s name and the connection to the infamously controversial Cannibal Holocaust. Unfortunately, it was unable to click with any mainstream audiences (likely due to its extreme content and year of being delayed) but this is still by no means a good debut. With a budget of just $6M, Inferno will probably make the majority of its money from home video, where films like these make most of their profit.

Sicario received a light expansion into 53 new theaters (59 this weekend, 6 last weekend) and took in a fantastic $1.77M with a per theater average of $30,000. That’s a fantastic results that further demonstrates intense interest in the action thriller that is set to be released nationwide next weekend. It faces off against the much more high-profile The Martian, though they are being solid to very different audiences; Sicario is going for a more art-house crowd whereas The Martian is a much more mainstream action sci-fi film. Regardless, cracking the top 10 in 59 theaters is a massively impressive result, and will hopefully translate to a strong debut next weekend.

Finally, Stonewall flopped in limited release with just $112,000 from 129 theaters, giving it a terrible $871 per theater average. Despite being heavily marketed and with a fairly high profile director and being related to a very controversial current issue, the film wasn’t able to gain any traction and will likely be forgotten about very quickly.


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