Saturday Update: “Hotel Transylvania 2” Excellent, “Everest” Descends

On a very busy late-September Friday, the obvious winner was family flick Hotel Transylvania 2 with a whopping $13.25M on its opening day. That’s up from its predecessors $10.9M opening day, though its Friday gross made up a very small percent of its total weekend (just around 26%) if this follow up can hold up similarly over the weekend, it may top $50M. That’s a great start considering its poor reviews and somewhat lower budget. Going into the weekend it seemed like it would see a small drop off, but since there hasn’t really been any legitimately popular family options since July’s Minions, Hotel 2 turned out to be in the right place at the right time.

The rest of the openers had mixed results. The Intern surprised with $6.2M, giving it a weekend somewhere in the $17-$20M range. That’s much higher than This is Where I Leave You, which took in $3.8M on its opening day en route to $11M over the weekend. That’s a very solid debut for the dramedy, and with a Cinemascore of A- it should have no problem making its budget back in the long run.

Everest took in a frankly startlingly low $4M in fourth place. That gives it a weekend of just around $11M, which is ridiculously low given how well it did in limited release last weekend. It is a bit of a head scratcher that it managed to do so well in its limited release considering it didn’t really seem like something that needed to be seen on the biggest screen possible yet garner such little interest in wide release. It’s already doing decent business overseas, however, and with a modest $55M budget will probably end up being slightly profitable. Still, this is a very weak debut no matter how you slice it. A Cinemascore was not available.

Finally, The Green Inferno opened to a soft $1.5M from 1,540 theaters. It wasn’t an easy sell by any means, so its hard to say that this is really a poor debut. The few people that did show up weren’t particuarly pleased, giving it a C- on Cinemascore. That’s below average even for a horror film, which usually end up in the C or C+ range. It’s extreme content may have turned off even the most die hard of horror fans, who decided that they could wait for several other options coming out in October.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials plummeted 63% to take in $4.1M on its second Friday. That’s a very poor hold compared to the 54% Friday-to-Friday drop of the original Maze Runner, and sets it up for a weekend in the $12M range or so.

In limited release, Sicario did very impressive business and actually managed to crack the top 10 with $550,000 at 59 locations. That gives it a per theater average of $9,300 just for Friday, which is an excellent result that clearly demonstrates the intense interest surrounding this film. The cast has been doing lots of promotion for it which may help its nationwide debut next weekend, but facing off against the much more mainstream-appealing The Martian will prove difficult.

Updated Predictions

  1. Hotel Transylvania 2 – $49M
  2. The Intern – $18.5M
  3. Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials – $12.5M
  4. Everest – $11M
  5. Black Mass – $10.5M

The Green Inferno – $3.2M


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