Friday Update: “The Visit” Takes in Solid $1M From Thursday Shows

Shyamalan’s latest thriller was off to a solid start with $1M from Thursday night shows. In comparison, Insidious Chapter 3 took in $1.55M from its previews, but that was during the summer, and was a sequel to a very popular series of films. Considering those two factors, The Visit has a solid shot at hitting $20M for the weekend. It’s unlikely, but possible. That’s above Unfriended ($660K), The Gift ($590K), and The Gallows ($900K). If there’s anything we can take from that, it’s that this is an unpredictable genre as far as Thursday grosses. Whereas films like young adult adaptations or superhero films consistently pull in 10-15% of their grosses from Thursday, horror films are much more unpredictable. Still, topping $1M is a good sign.

Thursday numbers weren’t available for The Perfect Guy, but given that it currently has 1 review on Rotten Tomatoes at 12:30 the day of release, that’s a sign to how good the film is. Numbers were also unavailable for 90 Minutes in Heaven.


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