Weekend Report: “War Room” Takes First, “Woods” Surprises on Quiet Labor Day Weekend.

Surpassing all reasonable expectations, A Walk in the Woods surprised by taking in $10M over its five day opening. Considering it still has Labor Day, it will likely wind up with another $2-$3M. That’s an excellent start given its release date and much older audience. Woods had a budget of just $8M, making this a solid win.

War Room jumped up to first place with $9.3M, with a drop of just 17%. That’s a phenomenal hold, and shows that word of mouth is very strong. A drop of that magnitude in September is unprecedented. With that kind of drop, it may wind up with over $50M, making it one of the highest grossing Christian films of all time.

Straight Outta Compton dipped 32% down to $8.9M, bringing its new total to $147M. That’s another solid weekend for the big hit musical drama.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation dropped just 12% to bring in another $7M. In doing so, it managed to pass the $180M domestically, and in doing so took the number 8 spot for 2015 thusfar. Within the next few days it should top Pitch Perfect 2 at $183M to get to number 7. That’s a great result for the long awaited action sequel.

The Transporter Refueled opened in fifth with a weak $7M. That’s a bit stronger than expected given its Friday result, and surprisingly was not nearly as front loaded as expected. It’s Friday made up just 33% of its weekend, much lower than usual action sequels. It will likely take in another $1-$2M tomorrow, but that won’t be enough to make this a good result. One bright spot was that it opened a bit stronger overseas with $10M. That’s really where the majority of its grosses are likely to come from, and with a budget of just $22M, it will likely make up its money in the long run.

One interesting note was Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos, an animated Spanish language film took in $3.4M from just 395 theaters which was good enough for 8th place. A comparable title to this would be Instructions Not Included, which opened over Labor Day weekend 2013 with over $10M. Granted, that was a ridiculous total that this couldn’t be expected to come close to, but still an interesting result for the foreign language film.

Dope was released into over 1000 theaters, but only managed to gross a weak $390,000. Why it received a rerelease at all is a headscratcher, and this result is not very surprising. Next weekend, however, Mad Max: Fury Road is being rereleased into IMAX theaters, which may prove a big surprise. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got a rerelease around the same time last year, but didn’t do any considerable business. Considering how popular Mad Max was, combined with many of the hardcore fans seeing it multiple times and the appeal of it being on the biggest best screen possible, Mad Max could easily wind up with over $1M next weekend if marketing gets out.


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