Saturday Update: “Walk in the Woods” Surprises, “Transporter” Fails to Deliver

Low budget dramedy A Walk in the Woods was a pleasant surprise on Friday, and The Transporter Refueled was a major flop. Still, first place will still likely end up going to either War Room or Straight Outta Compton on what will easily be one of the slowest weekends of the year.

A Walk in the Woods, adapted from the popular novel of the same name, opened with $2.2M on Friday, bringing its three day total to $4.1M. It should be able to pass $6M for the weekend given its much older audience, which would be a very solid start for the low budget adaptation.

The Transporter Refueled took in just $2.4M on its opening day. While that was enough to win first place for the day, it will likely come in third or lower for the weekend. Even being in first on a weekend like this is a tallest-midget-award scenario. That’s a per theater average of just $699. Most likely, much of that may have come from its heavily marketed IMAX release (many TV spots marketed that aspect almost exclusively), but given that IMAX tickets often cost $16+, they sold very few tickets on Friday.

War Room was in second with $2.3M on its second Friday, down a very strong 43%. Given that it’s currently only playing in around 1,100 theaters, this is an excellent hold (Transporter, on the other hand, is in more 3,400). Courageous fell 55% on its second Friday to around $1.5M in a very similar number of theaters. That’s a very significant difference, and shows how excellent word of mouth is.

Straight Outta Compton took in another $2.2M on Friday, bringing its new domestic total to a whopping $141M. It will likely be able to top $10M for the holiday weekend, and should easily pass $150M sometime during this coming week.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation refuses to slow down, dipping just 23% on Friday to bring in another $1.6M. That brings its total to $174M. On its current route, it should easily pass the $180M within the next few days.


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