Friday Update: “War Room” Solid, “Friends” Flops on Thursday Night

Music drama We Are Your Friends failed to garner any attention on Thursday, bringing in an awful $175K from early shows. Considering its August release date and young audience, it’s likely going to be fairly front loaded, meaning an opening weekend of much more than $3M is unlikely at this point. Considering its primarily college based audience, this weekend has to be the worst possible weekend they could have picked, and that is clearly having an impact on the films performance.

Low budget Christian drama War Room actually had a fairly strong start with $600K from its Thursday shows, putting it on track for a weekend of around $10M or so. That’s a very strong start given it’s $3M production budget and the fact that it will likely gain most of its gross after its out of theaters, from church events and DVD sales. Turns out the Fireproof and Courageous name brand was stronger than expected.

No Escape has not posted its Thursday numbers yet, but given its Wednesday take of $1.2M was probably somewhere in the $1.1M range if it follows similar patterns to Closed Circuit and The November Man from the same weekend in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Updated Predictions

  1. War Room – $10.1M
  2. No Escape – $6.5M ($8.5M Five Day)
  3. We Are Your Friends – $2.8M

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