Saturday Update: “Compton” Tops Weak Newcomers

Summer seems to be officially coming to an end.

Straight Outta Compton easily topped the box office on its second Friday, taking in $8.3M. That’s down about 66%, a very steep, but not surprising drop given how front loaded it was over its opening weekend. It should be able to take around $25M for its second weekend.

Sinister 2 topped the newcomers with $4.7M on Friday, giving it a weekend of around $10-$11M. That’s a bit lower than its projected $17M weekend, and is off from The Woman in Black 2 ($7.8M) and Insidious Chapter 3 ($10M). It received a B- Cinemascore, which is actually above average for a horror film, surprising given its atrocious 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. The original Sinister received a C+, but don’t expect word of mouth to really do this any favors. The film has a $10M budget, more than triple the miniscule $3M for Sinister, but it will still likely turn a profit in theaters. Just expect it to drop like a rock over the next few weeks.

Typically, August has one film that’s a strong word of mouth hit with very small drops and widespread appeal. Guardians of the GalaxyThe ButlerThe Help, etc etc. Unforunately, this year there was absolutely nothing, meaning that next weekend and the week after could rank among the lowest weekends on record, with the only two nationwide releases being We Are Your Friends and The Transporter Refueled, neither of which will likely open to more than $10M.

Hitman Agent 47 was actually a bit stronger than expected, with $3M on its opening day. That sets it for a weekend of around $7.5M or so. Even though that’s higher than expected, it isn’t a great debut. Being compared to Sin City: A Dame to Kill for is never a good sign, but the only redeeming quality is that the budget is $35M, about half of Sin City. It received a mediocre B on Cinemascore, but given how fan heavy it is will likely plummet and be out of theaters by early September.

American Ultra rolled up $2.1M on Friday, which is less than half of fellow Eisenberg – August comedy 30 Minutes or Less, which made $4.8M on its opening day en route to $13M opening. Ultra will likely take in around $5.5M for the weekend.

Updated Predictions

  1. Sinister 2 – $10.5M
  2. Hitman Agent 47 – $7.5M
  3. American Ultra – $5.2M

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