Friday Update: “Sinister 2” “Hitman” “American” Set for Sub-$10M Debuts

You know its a great weekend when none of the new releases top $1M on Thursday.

Sinister 2 may have topped the new releases on Thursday night, but it was in no way a good debut. The panned horror sequel took in just $850K from Thursday shows, putting it on track for a weekend of under $10M. That’s half of what Sinister did in its opening weekend, taking in a solid $18M, above average for an original microbudget horror film. In comparison, The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death took in $1.5M from Thursday shows to a $15M weekend, though that Thursday was January 1st, so that could have skewed numbers a bit.

Hitman Agent 47 took in a decent $600K from its Thursday shows. In comparison, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For made $475K for a $6M weekend, which means Hitman could wind up a bit over that, perhaps around $8M or so. That’s not a good start, but its much better than it could’ve been.

American Ultra was expectantly low, with just $425K last night, putting it on track for a weekend of $5M or so. It currently has a poor 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, and will easily be the lowest of the new openers this weekend.

Updated Predictions

  1. Sinister 2 – $8.0M
  2. Hitman Agent 47 – $7.5M
  3. American Ultra – $5.5M

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