Weekend Report: “Straight Outta Compton” Tops the Charts

Opening on the very high end of expectations, well received rap drama Straight Outta Compton topped the charts with a fantastic $56M opening weekend. Of that weekend, $24M (or 42%) came from Friday, which is reasonable given how fan driven it was. It’s already set to become one of the highest grossing music dramas ever, and will likely wind up in the third place spot, above Amadeus ($120M with inflation) and below Walk the Line ($150M with inflation). With its very small $28M budget, Straight Outta Compton will have no problem turning a very strong profit.

So how front loaded is Compton going to be? Well, it is a summer release fueled by a strong fanbase, so probably very. Not to mention 8 Mile, which came out in November (when films are typically very less front loaded) yet still made 44% of its total from its opening, a number that this will likely be very similar to. Still, it’s all but guaranteed to earn over $120M which is a fantastic result for a late summer drama.

The only other opener, despite having more than double the budget, was considerably disappointing. It took in just $13M this weekend, far short of the $18-$20M it was expected to do. It actually came significantly behind Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which took in a solid $17M in its third weekend. U.N.C.L.E was never set to be a massive hit, but it still seemed as though it looked fun enough to open around $20M, so the fact that this will likely earn less than $35M domestic is a pretty disappointing figure. At this point, it’s relying entirely on foreign grosses to try and cover its $75M budget. No overseas numbers have been reported yet, but we will probably have a general idea of its performance by next weekend.

Fantastic Four continued its downward spiral into terribleness with a weekend take of just $8M, down 69% from last weekend. That gives it a two week total of just $41M. For comparison, Catwoman was at $38M adjusted at the same point, and Green Lantern was at $88M. At this point it may very well wind up with a total domestic gross of less than $50M, meaning its weekend represents more than half of its gross. That would easily put it at the number 1 comic book flop of all time. It just managed to pass $100M worldwide, but it’s still a long way away from doubling its budget, something that seems entirely out of reach at this point.

The Gift dropped 45% down to a solid second weekend take of 45%, bringing its new domestic total to $23M. That’s an excellent hold for a horror film (debatebly a thriller, but whatever) and shows word of mouth is strong. It may end up with over $30M by the end of its run, which is excellent considering its $5M production budget.

Ant-Man dipped 30% down to $5.5M, and in the process brought its domestic total to a very solid $157M. Worldwide, the MCU solo flick is up to $336M. It’s obvious that Marvel made the wise choice to lower the budget to $130M (rather than the typical $170M-$200M for most of their films) as it hasn’t come close to films like Guaridans of the Galaxy or Captain America. Still, for what it is, $160M is pretty good.


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