Friday Update: “Fantastic Four” Flames Out Thursday with $2.7M

Should’a seen that one coming.

With less than 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, tons of controversy behind the scenes and a general lack of interest, Fantastic Four is set for under $30M this weekend, with just $2.7M from Thursday shows.

If it plays like Ant-Man, it will wind up with just $24M for the weekend. That would make it one of the biggest flops in years in terms of opening weekends. It may wind up a bit above that, but this one is absolutely DOA. There’s actually a solid chance that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation winds up in first place for the weekend if it holds well.

Low budget horror thriller The Gift also opened this weekend, to a very solid $585K from just 1,820 locations. That’s above Self/Less and As Above/So Below, both of which were playing in over 2,000 theaters. This shows a solid amount of interest, and with a budget of just $5M it looks like this could wind up being a solid little win.

Shaun the Sheep Movie took in another $715K on Thurday, putting it over the $1M mark after two days in wide release. That certainly isn’t a great start, but the main audience may turn out for weekend matinees, meaning Shaun still has a chance to turn it around.

Updated Predictions

  1. Fantastic Four – $24.5M
  2. The Gift – $8M
  3. Shaun the Sheep Movie – $4.0M ($5.6M Five Day)

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