Saturday Update: “Mission Impossible” Solid with $20M Friday

Even though it didn’t reach the dizzying heights some (including myself) had anticipated, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation still got off to a solid yet unspectacular start, with $20.3M on Friday, including $4.0M from Thursday shows.

If it follows a similar path as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it will wind up with around $56M for the weekend. That’s not a bad start at all, but it does feel like it could’ve done a bit better. For one, Ghost Protocol was able to do $30M at the lowest point in the franchise in the middle of December. Second, it hasn’t had a ton of strong competition in previous weeks, and it seemed as though this had somewhat wider appeal than Ant-Man.

Vacation took in a mediocre $4.5M after a slow start on Wednesday and Thursday, lining up for a weekend take of around $12M. That’s less than half of the start for We’re the Millers, and may even end up with less than $20M for the five day total. Originally I had it pinned at over $100M thanks to the decent enough trailers and recognizable name, but it turns out that even if you have all that, it doesn’t help if the movie is trash, and trash it is. Currently at 25% on Rotten Tomatoes and a B on Cinemascore.

Pixels plummeted 66% on Friday, meaning it will likely wind up with around $10M for the weekend. So far, the horrendously received comedy has just over $30M in the bank and will likely wind up with under $50M total.

Paper Towns flamed out in its second weekend, dropping 75% on Friday for a meager $4M second weekend. That’s on par with The Fault in Our Stars, which opened four times higher and will likely have a much higher total. However that film was able to even out after its second weekend thanks to strong reviews and word of mouth, which doesn’t seem likely for Towns. It will probably end up with just around $30M domestic, possibly a bit more if its lucky. That’s a bad result, but given how cheap it was to produce its nothing to write home about.

Updated Predictions

1. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – $55.5M

2. Vacation – $11.6M ($18M Five Day)


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