Friday Update: “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” Strong with $4.0M from Thursday Night

With $4.0M from Thursday 7PM shows, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation got off to a very strong start, and has a decent shot at hitting $70M for the weekend. In comparison, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opened to $4.1M on its Thursday last year en route to $73M (told you it was a good comparison!) However, it seems as though Thursday grosses are taking up a higher and higher percentage of the weekend gross, so its more likely that it will hit the high $60M mark, a very solid start.

Similar to DawnMission Impossible has a somewhat older skewing audience that doesn’t show up for the earliest possible shows as opposed to something like Marvel films (Age of Ultron made up over 14% of its weekend from Thursday) or Mad Max Fury Road, which was heavily fueled by extreme amounts of online hype from the teen-slash-young adult male nerds (such as yours truly). Rogue Nation didn’t seem like something that required the earliest possible viewing, but will likely still take in a very solid number from today and Saturday.

Vacation still can’t seem to find its footing, falling 36% Wednesday to Thursday. That’s off from the 30% drop for We’re the Millers, which also had about twice as much in the bank after two days. It seems as though Vacation is heading for just around $20M for the five day weekend, a disappointing start for the comedy remake.

Updated Predictions

1. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – $70M

2. Vacation – $10M ($19M Five Day)


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