Friday Update: “Pixels”, “Paper Towns” Soft on Thursday

Three films opened on Thursday night, only two of which reported box office numbers. The first of which, Pixels, was somewhat disappointing with only $1.5M, meaning it will likely open below $30M this weekend.

A few weeks ago, predictions were all over the board, ranging from the $20M to $50M range, but it appears as though it will wind up on the very low end of that. It’s fun, retro premise could not overcome its atrocious critical response and the negative stigma of Adam Sandler’s brand.

Paper Towns may be coming fresh off of the massive hit The Fault in Our Stars, but it seems it won’t be able to come nearly as high as that films phenomenal $48M debut. While Fault made over $8M from its special Thursday event, Paper Towns took in just a quarter of that with $2M. Granted, it likely won’t be quite as front loaded (as following that films path would lead to just $10M for the weekend) but it seems as though its only set for mid teens rather than high $20’s originally predicted.

Updated Predictions

1. Pixels – $23M

2. Paper Towns – $16M


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