Saturday Update: “Minions” Crushes Competition with Highest Animated Opening Day Ever.


With the highest opening day for an animated film ever, even adjusted for inflation, Minions destroyed the Friday box office with a $46M opening day, set for over $120M for the weekend. That’s a hair above the adjusted Friday for Shrek the Third, which took in around $45M adjusted for inflation back in 2007. 
It seems that not only was Minions not phased by the spinoff syndrome but may even rival the final gross of Despicable Me 2, possibly becoming the first non-Disney film to ever cross $1B worldwide.
Outside of that, the new openers were relatively quiet. The Gallows took in a decent $4.5M on Friday which gives it around $11M for the weekend. While that doesn’t sound great, that’s also more than 100x its budget, technically making it one of the most profitable budget-to-weekend ratios of all time.
Low budget a scifi film Self/Less took in $1.98M on Friday which should give it around $5M for the weekend. That’s a poor start by any means, even if it was slightly higher than expected. It had a production budget of just $26M so if overseas numbers are decent it still has a shot at becoming profitable.
More updates to come…


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