Weekend Report: “Jurassic World” tops disappointing “Terminator”, “Magic Mike” over slow Independence Day Weekend

With two new disappointing debuts this weekend, holdovers Jurassic World and Inside Out both had excellent holds over a quiet 4th of July weekend.

The biggest of the two openings was Terminator: Genisys, which took in a disappointing $44M over its first five days. Thats much lower than the $71M adjusted five day start for Terminator Salvation back in 2009, though it isn’t really an apples to apples comparison since that released on Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. Still, it shows that there wasn’t nearly as much interest for this new installment. A better comparison would be 2013’s The Lone Ranger, which took in around $49M on the same weekend. No one wants to be compared to that notorious flop, and the fact that Terminator wound up lower than even the lowest of expectations solidifies this as a domestic failure, and will likely wind up with just around $75M domestic by the end of its run.

One bright sign, however, was the overseas performance. So far it’s taken in $85.5M outside of North America, which gives a bit of hope that it may become profitable in the long run. Still, given just how poor this debut was, don’t expect the planned sequels to be released anytime soon, as this may be the final nail in the coffin for this tired franchise.

Also opening this weekend was Magic Mike XXL, whose poor performance was much more surprising than Terminator‘s. The R rated sequel opened to just $27M, way lower than the $39M three day start for the original back in 2012. It also had one of the most front loaded 4th of July weekends in years, with its opening Friday taking up more than a third of its total gross. That isn’t terribly surprising, however. The original made up over half of its weekend on Friday, and given how cheap it was to make, will still wind up being slightly profitable. Regardless, its going to make far less than half of its predecessor, which is a pretty disappointing result.

As far as holdovers go, Jurassic World and Inside Out were neck and neck, and we won’t know for sure who will take the five day weekend until the dust settles on Monday afternoon. They both took in around $45M, That got Jurassic World up to a whopping $558M domestic total, tracking around $30M ahead of The Avengers. The fact that it was able to top Terminator despite losing many of its IMAX and 3D screens after almost a month of release shows just how well the dino reboot is doing. It is looking as though it has a serious chance of $700M domestic at this point.

With the smart choice to release a very patriotic and pro-military themed flick right before 4th of July weekend, Max held up fairly well with around $10M for the five day, whereas poorly received comedy sequel Ted 2 plummeted to just $11M for the weekend, a drop of about 66%. That’s an atrocious hold for a comedy and shows that either word of mouth is toxic, or it just got caught up in a wave of competition.

One week before its domestic debut, Minions has already taken in an excellent $124M overseas. Obviously the sequel is going to kill it, but the real question is whether it can top Despicable Me 2, or even $1B worldwide. Too early to tell at this point, but it isn’t out of the question. The Despicable brand is strong enough that it can overcome spinoff-syndrome, especially since the minions are more popular than the actual main characters of the film.

Critically acclaimed indie film Amy got off to an excellent start this weekend, taking in $222K from just 6 locations. Musical biopics have been somewhat risky the last few months, with some doing very well and others very poorly. Despite that, Amy will likely get a small bump over the next few weeks thanks to this excellent debut.

Check back this Thursday for the next weekend report, and Saturday afternoon for a review of The Gallows.


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