Saturday Update: “Terminator Genisys”, “Magic Mike XXL” disappoint on Friday.

With disappointing days for both new releases, Inside Out managed to take back first place, with an excellent $12.5M, meaning it should easily take first place for the weekend with around $45M for the five day holiday. 

Jurassic World continued to do excellent business, actually topping Terminator Genisys on its opening Friday. That’s a pretty crazy accomplishment given that Jurassic is in its fourth weekend and lost most of its 3D and IMAX screens to Genisys. It took in $11.8M on Friday, which will give it around $28M for the weekend. 

Magic Mike XXL continues to plummet after a strong openi day, giving it one of the most front loaded 4th of July weekend in recent memory. It opened strong with around $9M on Wednesday but thanks to its poor performance in the following two days is going to wind up with around $15M for the weekend thanks to a $5M Friday. That’s much lower than its predecessor made, which took in $39M on its regular 3-day weekend back in 2012. However, the film was so cheap to make that it will do fine despite being incredibly front loaded. With a debut like this, Magic Mike XXL will probably wind up with around $50M total, less tha. Half of its predecessor.
And of course, the big release of the weekend, Terminator Genisys took in a disappointing $10M on Friday, for a slow $26M in three days. It could wind up with less than $40M for the five day total, an extremely disappointing total that was even lower than the lowest of expectations. It may wind up doing decent business on the 4th, but the damage is already done. At this point the two planned sequels are entirely dependent on how well Genisys does overseas.

Weekend report to come tomorrow. And have a happy fourth of July!


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