Wednesday Update: “Terminator Genisys” opens to weak $2.3M from early shows

Opening with $2.3M from early Tuesday shows, Terminator got off to a somewhat weak start. While its hard to compare this to other debuts as most of them come from Thursday and not Tuesday, it does show that there was not much demand for this new reboot. This was a bit above The Lone Ranger, which took in $2M back in 2013. However only opening slightly above that notorious flop isn’t a great start.

Also opening was Magic Mike XXL, which took in a pretty good $2.4M from its early shows. While it is not an apples-to-apples comparison, the original opened to $2.1M from midnight Thursday shows, and was also one of the most front loaded openings of all time; its Friday made up just over 50% of its $39M debut. This does show a solid start for the sequel which will probably be able to top $40M by the end of the five days.

Due to the different release schedule of this weekend, the next update will be posted on Saturday afternoon with updated predictions based on the Wednesday/Thursday/Friday grosses.


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