Weekend Report: “Ted 2” Stumbles, “Jurassic” Passes $500M


Opening with only slightly over half of its predecessor, Ted 2 was a pretty big disappointment this weekend with just $32M. That’s way off from Ted‘s $54M haul back in June 2012. So what caused this poor opening? Well, it’s sort of complicated. For one, it didn’t really seem like a necessary sequel or something that really changed the story or moved it in any way. Obviously, that method didn’t work given how this was far below even the lowest expectations this weekend.

If Ted 2 holds well, it could potentially get to a total of $100M. Still, that would be less than half of the predecessor and is therefore a very poor result. 

Also opening this weekend was low budget dog-PTSD adventure drama comedy (obviously an already very crowded genre) Max, taking in a decent $12M. Considering how crowded the market is right now, that’s actually a pretty decent start among dog movies. It has an A cinemascore, meaning it could probably make over $40M by the end of its run. 

Continuing to demolish in third place despite many other appealing options, Jurassic World passed $500M after three weekends with another $54M. That’s an excellent result, and shows how word of mouth is still strong. At this point it’s guaranteed that it will pass $600M, but if it does well enough, could it even have a shot at $700M? Results like this make future prospects for Star Wars: The Force Awakens all the more exciting. $700M would actually be enough to top the awe judged gross of the original Jurassic Park, which no one could have seen coming a few months ago. 

Doing solid business in its second weekend was Pixars Inside Out, which took in a solid $52M after a very strong $90M last weekend. That brings its total to $184M. Unless it gets absolutely crushed by Minions in a few weeks, it should be able to get to around $300-$350M by the end of its run. 

Note: Because of the holiday weekend, the forecast will be posted this Tuesday followed by an update of Saturday, and then a regular weekend report. 


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