Saturday Update: “Ted 2” disappoints with $13.2M Friday

Ted 2 was pretty significantly below expectations, opening with just $13.2M on its opening Friday. That’s way lower than the original Ted, which took in $20.5M on its opening day, leading to a $54M weekend. If Ted 2 follows the same trend of sequels being slightly more front loaded in their opening weekends, Ted 2 will only open to $30M this weekend, which would be a big misfire.

Jurassic World managed to beat out the competition once again, taking in another $14.7M, topping the total gross of Avengers: Age of Ultron and bringing its domestic total to a whopping $460M.

So why did Ted 2 receive such a fall from the original? Well, there isn’t really a clear answer. With little comedy competition since Pitch Perfect 2 back in May, clear marketing and a very well liked original, the fact that Ted 2 will probably end up with less than half of the original is certainly a bit of a head scratcher. The only thing missing from the original was Mila Kunis, but it doesn’t really seem like she has enough star power to cause a difference of $20M for an opening weekend (looking at you, Jupiter Ascending.) What is more likely is that Ted 2 didn’t look any different from the original. With most summer comedy sequels, say for example The Hangover: Part 2 and 22 Jump Street, it was at least noticable that they were bigger budget, had bigger casts, and were in a new place despite retaining the same style of humor that made their predecessors so popular. Ted 2 literally looked just like Ted.

Another problem could’ve been that it came out at the wrong time. The market is very much overcrowded right now, whereas Ted  came out on a weekend when there hadn’t been any good films for adults in almost a month, in addition to fantastic marketing. Regardless of what exactly caused it, this is well below expectations and will probably close with less than $100M, meaning that unless something very drastic happens, Pitch Perfect 2 will be the undisputed comedy king of summer 2015.

Also opening this weekend was Max, which surpassed low expectations to take in a solid $4.35M Friday. If matinee audiences turn up on Saturday, Max should be able to score a solid low-teens debut.

Updated Predictions

Ted 2 – $31M

Jurassic World – $46.5M

Max – $12.5M


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