Friday Update: “Ted 2” grabs $2.6M from Thursday Night shows.

While $2.6M for a comedy start may sound strong, its actually not a great start. The original Ted made that exact same number on its Thursday, but that was only from midnight shows at less than half the number of theaters. Not only that but it seems like demand should’ve been higher due to the fact that it was a sequel. Still, this is the same number that Neighbors made last year with similar 7PM shows and that managed to get to $49M. Still, this is a sequel and will likely be a bit more front loaded.

This start is somewhat disappointing, as comedy sequels in the last few years have been earning much more in their opening weekends than the originals, so Ted 2‘s mediocre Thursday start is a bit of a head scratcher. Still, it could just be that more people are waiting until the weekend, as comedies typically don’t have the huge opening weekend rush for things like superhero films or horror films.

Also opening this weekend was Max, a low budget dog adventure film, which made a decent $500K from Thursday shows, meaning the family flick could probably wind up with around $10M for the weekend.

Updated Predictions

Ted 2 – $41M

Max – $9.1M


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