Weekend Report: “Inside Out” takes highest original opening ever, but “Jurassic” still rules the “World”.

It seems as though this may be one of the biggest weekends in box office history, and one where it feels like both movies did better than the other.

Jurassic World dropped a solid 51%, making a ridiculous $102M in its second weekend, meaning it could be the fastest to $400M domestic so far. Not only that, but it’s about $20M away from hitting $1B worldwide, a ridiculously fast time to hit such a milestone. The question now is just how high it can end up. Will it pass Furious 7? Will it even pass The Avengers? At this point, the sky is the limit for this well received dinosaur reboot. It could possibly end up with over $1.3B worldwide, meaning look for “Jurassic Planet” coming soon. 
Inside Out, despite being Pixars first 2nd place debut, was still very much a standout. It’s kind of insane to think that a film can open to over $90M and still come in behind a film in its second weekend. It is becoming evermore apparent that the majority of box office dollars are being fueled into opening weekends of all the biggest films of the year. This was Pixars second highest opening behind Toy Story 3, and also passed Avatar as the highest opening ever for a wholly original film, showing just how strong the Pixar brand is after two years of anticipation and universal critical appear.

Outside of the top 2, not much happened. Spy took in another $10M, bringing its total to a decent $75M. After a somewhat sharp drop for a comedy last weekend, it has evened out enough to possibly avoid being labeled disappointing. It will likely wind up around the $90-$100 range by the end of its run. 

San Andreas brought in another $8M, holding surprisingly well for the typically very front loaded disaster genre, and with such strong competition from Jurassic World. That brings its total over $130M, far surpassing expectations.

The oddball Sundance comedy Dope took in a somewhat soft $6M this weekend. For some inexplicable reason, it was released in over 2,000 theaters in the middle of June, whereas this would seem like it would’ve done much better with a platform limited release. With word of mouth it still could end up around $20M. 
Check back soon for more updates!


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