Saturday Update: “Inside Out” scores second highest Pixar debut behind “Toy Story 3”

With another excellent day added to its already incredible total, Jurassic World took in another $29.0M on Friday, which is only $0.2M behind The Avengers, the film that currently holds the record for highest second Friday. This means the film could potentially reach $100M by the weekend, and be one of the fastest to $400M of all time.

Low budget comedy Dope took in a soft $2.3M on Friday, giving it a weekend haul of around $6M or a bit below expectations. That still isn’t a bad start and seems like the kind of word of mouth Sundance hit that will benefit from strong reviews and word of mouth.

The big story however, is Inside Out, which will end up being Pixars first 2nd-Place debut. That has to be frustrating for the company with a track record of, up to this point, all of their film opening in first place. Regardless, the critically beloved animated feature is reported as opening to a whopping $34M on Friday, which would lead to an excellent debut of over $90M, or the second highest opening for a Pixar film. It turns out fan demand after two years was absolutely there, but it seems as though the number one thing people are saying about it is that “Pixar is back” after several so-so films in the last few years. Inside Out very much seemed like a return to form for the beloved animation studio, so a big hit like this was very much needed to revitalize their strong brand reputation. The fact that Inside Out was able to transcend past its somewhat less marketable premise to such a strong debut, even passing the sequel to one of their most popular films, shows just how large the Pixar fanbase is.

Check back tomorrow for the full weekend report.


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