Weekend Report: “Jurassic” takes “World” by storm with biggest opening of all time.

Showing just how strong of an appeal the Jurassic franchise had, this newest installment of the twenty-plus-year series blew all expectations completely out of the waterwith an astounding $204M opening weekend. That’s just barely behind 2012’s The Avengers at $207M, and the fact that Jurassic World even got close to that is a true testament to the wide appeal and nostalgia that that original film holds.

UPDATE: The weekend actuals came in and Jurassic world actually took in $209M, making it the highest opening weekend of all time.

The real story, though, was the foreign box office. Worldwide it’s at over $511 after one weekend, including the biggest worldwide opening day of all time. However this debut can also be credited to excellent casting of Chris Pratt and an excellent marketing campaign from Universal. They sold it as a fun, scary, exciting adventure that was also kid friendly, which may have been one of its biggest strengths. At least at the screening I was at, it was almost full; but not just teenage to young adult males, little kids, families, elderly men and women, teenagers, and it seems like everyone was ready to see some dinos back on the big screen. This means Jurassic will likely be able to become the next film to hit a billion by the end of its run.

If you don’t count Thursday grosses, then Jurassic World actually had a slight jump from Friday to Saturday, meaning it might not be quite as front loaded as originally expected. Add in an excellent A on Cinemascore and not too much competition over the next few weeks and it would seem that Jurassic World has a serious chance of reaching $500M domestic, and it seems extremely likely that this will be the highest grossing movie of the summer.

Outside of this, little else happened. Spy took a sharp drop to $16M, down 45%, and that basically rules out any chance this will be able to hit $100M domestically, especially with competition from Ted 2 in just a few weeks. In comparison, The Heat fell just 37% from its higher opening weekend. Look for Spy to top out around $70-$80M, a disappointing result for the supposed return from McCarthy.

San Andreas took another sharp fall, but not quite as sharp as anticipated with direct compeition and a loss of most of its 3D and IMAX screens. The Rock’s solo disaster film was down 58% to $11M, a fairly typical fall for the genre. Still, the film is at a very solid $119M after 3 weeks and up to over $300M worldwide.

Insidious: Chapter 3 plummeted 68% from a strong $22M debut last week, though that isn’t very surprising given how front loaded Insidious 2 was back in 2013. Still, it seemed as though this might hold up a bit better due to not being released on Friday the 13th and having better reception, though it seems that was untrue. That drop is actually a bit worse than Insidious 2, so look for Insidious 3 to just barely double its opening before disappearing.

Pitch Perfect 2 continued to hit all the right notes, adding another $6M to its tremendous total, dropping just 21% from last weekend. The comedy sequel has amassed over $170M after five weeks and could potentially get up to $180M by the end of its run.

Surprisingly, Mad Max: Fury Road was not crushed by Jurassic World, only falling 47% from last weekend, adding another $4M to the excellent $138M total after five weeks. Word of mouth clearly helped after a solid opening weekend as the film has yet to drop more than 50%, almost unheard of for a summer blockbuster. Mad Max could probably be able to hit $145M before the end of its run, which is an excellent result for the R rated reboot.

Hit indie comedy Me and Earl and the Dying Girl opened to a strong $210K from 15 locations this weekend, averaging out for a solid $14K total. The film is set to have a small expansion next week, and with strong reviews could probably end up with over $1M by the end of its run if it reaches a few hundred more theaters.

That’s the weekend box office, stay tuned for more updates as they come.

Jurassic World review coming soon…


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