Saturday Update: “Jurassic World” Could take Opening Weekend record with over $200M after stunning $82M Friday.

Crushing any and all expectations (including blowing my relatively conservative ones) out of the water, Jurassic World has a serious shot at opening to over $200M and possibly even taking the opening weekend record with an unbelievable $82.8M opening day. This puts it on course for at least $170M and a slim shot at topping The Avengers if it doesn’t plummet on Saturday and Sunday.

How was Jurassic World able to overcome mixed word of mouth and mediocre reviews? Well, quite simply, it has one of the strongest brands of all time, a big budget, long fan anticipation and one of the most popular movie stars on the market right now, fresh off of last summers biggest hit Guardians of the Galaxy. Regardless, this is a phenomenal debut and shows just how big the Jurassic fanbase is.

Outside of the obvious number 1, the rest of the holdovers felt some pain. Spy dropped down to around $4.7M, a not-so-great hold for the very well received Melissa McCarthy comedy. Entourage also fell well over 50% from last week, and is likely to wind up with less than $4M for the weekend.

The much buzzed about indie comedy Me and Earl and the Dying Girl opened to a solid $69K from 15 theaters, giving it a strong $4600 per theater average on Friday and should be around $150K by the end of the weekend.

Weekend Report tomorrow afternoon.


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