Saturday Update: “Insidious 3” tops somewhat disappointing “Spy” on Friday.

Insidious 3

While “Spy” was expected to open close to or even higher than 2013’s “The Heat”, it instead opened in second with a so so $10.25M on it’s opening day, and should probably wind up with around $32M for the weekend. Word of mouth is decent, with a B+ on Cinemascore, but that isn’t great for a comedy. Still, online buzz and reviews are very positive, and with a lack of competition Spy should still be able to hold on and likely pass $100M by the end of its domestic run.

This truly does go to show just how much Tammy damaged McCarthy’s reputation, as even the biggest fans thought it was awful. With the much bigger $65M budget and appeal to male audiences with Jason Statham, the fact that this opened that much below The Heat classifies as a bit of a disappointment. However, it is still almost guaranteed to take 1st place this weekend, just not as much as previously expected.

Opening in first on Friday, “Insidious: Chapter 3” took in a very solid $10.4M, including $1.55M from Thursday shows. Given that those shows took up such a small percentage of the opening day signifies that this won’t be as front loaded as its predecessor, which notoriously opened on Friday the 13th (one of the big marketing draws) and made just over half of the total weekend of that opening day. Even though this debut is only about half of that, it likely won’t be as front loaded and should probably wind up in the $25-$27M range.

Given how it was about a new family and didn’t have the main stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, Insidious was essentially a standalone film that was sold on the name of the brand alone, and the fact that it opened this big shows how strong of a fanbase Insidious has. The last film made over $160M worldwide on just $5M, whereas this also has a $5M budget and should easily top $100M worldwide (a.k.a Chapter 4 is a comin’). For a summer horror film, this is a very solid result.

Not so solid, however was the “Entourage” film, which took just around $3.7M on Friday after nosediving on Thursday. It started with a decent $5.7M on Wednesday but it seemed that pretty much drained all of the fanbase. Critical reactions were extremely negative and given how heavily fan-fueled it was, expect this to open around $9M for the weekend before plummeting after that.

The main problem with Entourage was that it was marketed exclusively to a fanbase of a show that hit its peak several years ago. There are still comedy shows that haven’t even begun to peak that seem ripe for a film adaptation. Its almost as if this film was intended to come out several years ago but was shelved until this weekend. Overall, somewhat disappointing but not entirely unexpected.

Check in tomorrow for the weekend report!


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